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Live No Stress!

Our team loves active vacations and unpopular places. We are adventurous and love to share our passion for travel. We believe that we can help as many people as possible to overcome stress with active leisure, a responsible attitude and love for the nature.

Our leader - Dragomir Zarev has many years of experience as a mountaineer, and adventures in new places are both his hobby and a way to help others.


Online education platform

We share our experience with adventure tourism, active holidays and how they can help the modern city person to cope with the challenges of busy life.


Adventure Guide

A book in which anyone interested in the subject can find descriptions of accessible and usually less popular routes to visit near their locality.


Organizing and participating in events

We share our experience and connect live with people who want to begin with adventure tourism but don't know how to start. It is important for them to receive support and personal attention, in addition to knowledge and experience, and we strive to provide this.


We promote adventure tourism as a stress prevention tool.

We believe that an active vacation is very energizing, and each region has unlimited potential for numerous outdoor activities.

Our goal is to attract the interest of as many people as possible by telling them that outdoor activities can be light and enjoyable and show them the way to obtain a culture of environmentally friendly behavior and personal safety.
Добре дошли
Добре дошли
Our Team

Our team consists of enthusiasts who have extensive experience in travel and mountaineering. We believe that an active holiday is a way to get rid of stress, as a good alternative to lying on the beach or in the SPA.

Carrying out an active activity, changing the environment and activities are ways to make ourselves more flexible and open to new things, and our mind - calmer and prepared for challenges.
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